Nov 12, 2011

Adios, baby!

My Jonah turned one at the beginning of the month. He's officially bid farewell to infancy. These pictures pretty much sum up the past year. I have to say, the last few months have been my favorite so far with him. I always say that this is the golden age. Babies between about 9 months and 15 months are so fun and playful, they (usually) sleep pretty well, and they don't really have tantrums yet. Well, scratch that last part- Jonah has mini tantrums all the time. He is a very passionate child.

During the week that he turned one, he got three new teeth, took his first steps, got really sick, and started saying Mama and Dada and hi. That boy sure changes fast! He loves to babble, he loves to climb, he loves to fight with his brother, he loves to clap, he loves the bath, he loves his Daddy, he loves to have his feet kissed, he loves to play in the toilet, he loves to eat, and he loves to sleep with his bum in the air. He can be quite sassy, but he's mostly a very happy boy.

Some highlights from the past year:
1. Bringing him home from the hospital to sunny 60 degree weather in November
2. Discovering his double dimples
3. A little incident that involved the park, an explosive diaper, a hungry baby eating the contents of it, and a big brother getting sick all over from witnessing the fiasco
4. Swimming at the splash pool
5. Going crazy from lack of sleep (ever read The Bell Jar?)
6. Sleeping through the night!
7. Lots of walks in the double stroller (bless you, Joovy!)
8. Field trips to the zoo, the aquarium, the farm, etc.
9. Grocery shopping with two kids- yikes
10. Going a whole year without anybody ending up in the hospital. A pretty big feat in our house.


april said...

I love this little guy! I can't believe he's already a year old.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marci for showing off your
cutey boy!

I really appreciate the updates to all the blogs out there, and love to 'keep up'

Aunt Wendy