Nov 17, 2007

New Trick

Well, we finally taught Cosmo a new trick.... Shake! Here’s a video.... -Matt-

Nov 16, 2007

Projects, Jobs, Jazz & Stuff...

I’ve been making some pretty cool things lately out of old vinyl records. Basically I melt them down in the oven until they are like taffy, then I mold them into bowls or other things....

Well, let’s see... we’ve been going to a lot of Jazz games. Go Jazz! They are 7-2 right now, so that’s pretty good. I’ve made a little podcast that is tracking the teams progress...CHECK IT OUT HERE.

I got a call from NBC in NY for a spring internship, and I’m just waiting to hear back from them. The possible things I would be doing are photography on SNL, photography of all shows or production on Conan O’Brien. Hopefully that will work out. Who knows if they’ll even need interns with this Writers strike going on. If not, that’s okay, I’m getting a part-time job with Jetblue, which will allow us to fly free, so that’s always a bonus! Puerto Rico here we come!

Tomorrow night we are having an International Dinner with our friends, and each couple will be bringing a dish from their favorite country. Marci and I are planning on doing some Greek food. That should be fun. -MATT-

Oct 12, 2007

Recent Happenings...

So, I've had a lot of time to think about things this week... Let's just say that I have gained a new appreciation for the gospel and the power of the priesthood. I received two amazing priesthood blessings recently, and I know that God heard and answered our prayers, even if it wasn't in the way we had hoped for or expected. I'm especially grateful for Matt now. He's been so supportive, and I am glad to know that he is worthy to give me a blessing whenever I need him. He's the best, and I couldn't do anything without him. I'm so lucky he made me marry him! I also want to say that I have the greatest family, friends, neighbors, and ward members. I have been thinking about the conference talk that Bishop Edgley gave last week. His talk was titled "Enduring Together," and it was about how the ward is meant to be a network of support for its members. My favorite quote from his talk is this: "It is a ward with members who are following the admonition of Alma and the Savior—members who care and love and bear one another’s burdens, members who are willing to mourn with those that mourn, members who are willing to comfort those in need of comfort, members who endure together." I think that for me, "members" also applies to family and friends. It was a beautiful talk and I feel blessed that I am able to find peace in the words of the Lord's servants. Most of all, I am thankful for everyone that has been a source of comfort for us this week. You are all a blessing to me and Matt, so thank you for being a part of our lives. We love you!

Aug 21, 2007

When will Halloween Come?

Poor Cosmo...... He’s so sad about what he’s going to “bee” for Halloween.

Jul 17, 2007

Howdy-ho, neighbors!

Great idea, Megs, for everyone to keep in touch with the blog thing. Hopefully people will continue to make their own and read others' blogspots. In case people haven't heard yet, I am starting my new job on Thursday at the Children's Service Society of Utah.  I am so excited to be embarking on my career!  It's crazy that I am done with school, and now expected to be a grown up.  I'm not sure yet how I feel about that; I will have to get back to you on that one.  Til then, peace out.