Oct 20, 2010

I find myself sitting on the couch while Miles is napping, not enough energy to do housework or baby prep stuff, but no desire to watch TV or take a nap. So what do I do? I blog!

First of all, I don't think I ever really announced that I'm pregnant. So here it is. I am due in exactly one week, and am feeling all kinds of nervous and excited and sad and anxious and dreamy. I definitely have more conflicting feelings this time around because I'm worried about how much this will change Miles' life and I just hope that he adjusts well to having a baby brother.

Speaking of Miles, I started keeping track of his vocabulary last week when I realized that he seemed pretty advanced in language skills. I'd read somewhere that he should have a vocabulary of 50-75 words by the time he's 2. He's 21 months right now, and so far the tally is 196 words. Yep, he's pretty much a genius. He's also able to string several words together to form primitive sentences. I won't bother posting all of his words, but here are a few of my favorites.

Squeeze- what he says when he gives us hugs
Money- he loves putting coins in his piggy bank
Heavy- what he says any time he is trying to open a door or lift something off the ground (he also grunts a little when he says it)
Lion- any time he uses that word, he follows it up with a nice roar
Cow- by far his favorite animal; he loves to sing Old McDonald, and any time I ask him to choose the animal he chooses a cow
Head- he also loves to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Airplane- any time he hears a loud noise outside, he calls it an airplane; if I try to tell him that it was a truck or something else, he is insistent that it was an airplane
Broccoli- one of his favorite foods; he actually pronounces it something like "boppy" but we know what he means
Ice cream cone- what can I say, the kid is spoiled with the good stuff
Oh no, he's hurt!- probably one of my favorite things about Miles is that he is so compassionate. Any time he sees someone (or a character in a book) get hurt, he gets really worried about them and I have to reassure him that they're ok. And when he gets hurt, he will come tell me about it with these big sad eyes, then hold out his afflicted body part for me to kiss it better.

I sure love my little guy. Of course I'm going to adore him because he's the fruit of my womb, but anyone that knows Miles will admit that he's special. He's smart, sweet, cute (those eyes! those cheeks!), funny, good natured, happy, playful, loving, a ham, and so on. I can only hope I'll get this lucky a second time.