Dec 15, 2008

6 Quirks

Here are six quirky things about Matt and I. Hope you learn something new, and if you can think of anything I left out, let me know. I don't know if I'm really normal or just in denial, but it was so hard for me to come up with these! Thanks, Crystal, for giving me a reason to blog.

1. Matt has never changed a diaper. Boy is he in for a treat.
2. Matt hates using coupons or getting any kind of discount. He is extremely embarrassed by my little hobby.
3. He refuses to complain about poor service at restaurants or other businesses. That’s okay, though, because I do enough for both of us.
4. Matt thinks it’s gross to use the same bath towel for a week. Is it?
5. When we were dating, he would always go along with whatever I wanted to do, preferring to please me rather than get his way. I used to get mad at him and tell him to stick up for himself. Why, oh why did I do that?
6. Matt refuses to go to the doctor when he's sick. He’s been once, maybe twice, in the four years that I’ve known him.

1. I love coupons and sales. I am a master bargain shopper and getting a good deal brings me more joy than (almost) anything else.
2. I secretly played with Barbie dolls until I was probably 13 or 14. Cheri and I used to make up the most dramatic plot lines, like Barbie and Ken were shipwrecked and they had to fashion clothes out of the ship’s sails. We had great imaginations!
3. Mushrooms make me want to die. Once I unsuspectingly took a bite of what I thought was pureed beans. When I realized that it was actually a mushroom puree, I started violently dry heaving and almost tossed my cookies during the dinner prayer (Sorry about that, Jane. I’m sure it was really delicious).
4. I say the word “hate” way too much. It’s not like I really feel that strongly about everything. It’s just one of those things I say without thinking. Matt’s trying to help me stop because he’s worried about what I might teach our son.
5. I am a major procrastinator. Anything that can be put off til later, will be.
6. I consider myself an expert in many things though I am, in fact, an expert in nothing.