Nov 17, 2007

New Trick

Well, we finally taught Cosmo a new trick.... Shake! Here’s a video.... -Matt-

Nov 16, 2007

Projects, Jobs, Jazz & Stuff...

I’ve been making some pretty cool things lately out of old vinyl records. Basically I melt them down in the oven until they are like taffy, then I mold them into bowls or other things....

Well, let’s see... we’ve been going to a lot of Jazz games. Go Jazz! They are 7-2 right now, so that’s pretty good. I’ve made a little podcast that is tracking the teams progress...CHECK IT OUT HERE.

I got a call from NBC in NY for a spring internship, and I’m just waiting to hear back from them. The possible things I would be doing are photography on SNL, photography of all shows or production on Conan O’Brien. Hopefully that will work out. Who knows if they’ll even need interns with this Writers strike going on. If not, that’s okay, I’m getting a part-time job with Jetblue, which will allow us to fly free, so that’s always a bonus! Puerto Rico here we come!

Tomorrow night we are having an International Dinner with our friends, and each couple will be bringing a dish from their favorite country. Marci and I are planning on doing some Greek food. That should be fun. -MATT-