Sep 1, 2011

10 Things

Since Jonah is a whopping 10 months today (wait, wasn't it just last week that I was laying in that hospital bed, watching When Harry Met Sally, thinking the contractions were actually going to kill me?), I wanted to commemorate the day with a list of some special things about my JoJoBe.

1. His big brown eyes- he refused to make eye contact with me for the first three months of his life, so now when he looks at me I really pay attention
2. His dimples
3. He is obsessed with climbing
4. He has the cutest gap between his top teeth
5. He is fiercely independent, and doesn't like to snuggle very much
6. His hands remind me of puppy paws- they are so big, it's kind of an indication of how much he needs to grow into them
7. He loves music and will dance anytime he hears something with a beat
8. He has the same crazy, fluffy hair Miles had
9. His raspy laugh
10. He's mine, and that is enough

I love him so much. I never could have guessed that having him when I did would be one of the best things that ever happened to me, but it ended up being perfect timing and I'm so proud and grateful to be his mother!